5 DIY Halloween Costumes with Grassroots Gear

3 min readOct 17, 2021


Niki Graham

Posted on October 16 2021

Need to impress at this year’s Halloween soiree? Whether you’re on trick-or-teat duty at home, heading to a costume party, or partying with the festival squad at a live show, here are few easy, DIY costume ideas brought to life with Grassroots Gear! Make sure to order ASAP to guarantee shipping by Halloween!

1) Olympic Athlete.

You can be any type of Olympic athlete with our Smokyo 2021 collection! We’ve got long- and short-sleeve tee shirts, a reversible bucket hat, and fitted hat. All you need is a your winner’s medal or athletic accessory such as a pair of swimming googles, skateboard, tennis racket…. you pick! The best part about this costume? You can totally wear these pieces all year round!

2) Scarecrow.

Picture the classic fall motif of a pumpkin patch with a straw-filled scarecrow in a dark, moonlit field… Now, bring that look to life with a flannel button up shirt (Grassroots has two colors on sale now!), denim pants or overalls, and an Aspen Wool Hat or Straw Hat! We’ve got the Tropical Surfing Bear Straw Ha t in stock rn: you can always wear it backwards if the front patch does fit you vibe. A little facepaint could really help too! And you know you’ll wear that flannel shirt all winter long and that straw hat can be a lifesaver at summer fests or tropical vacays.

3) Black Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear… oh my!

Our newest Bear Head beanies come with ears already on them and just need an outfit to match! Now in kids and adult-sizes, you can dress the entire family up for the cost of just a few beanies! Wear solid black, all white, brown, or mix it up to create a bear-y easy costume. A little facepaint can go a long way too! Make sure you have you sharp claws ready to RAWR!

4) Cowboy.

Who doesn’t love a cowboy (or cowgirl) outfit? Grab your denim jeans, a bandana (surely you have one from festival season), and add the Tan Braided Aspen Hat! Make sure you have a good pair of boots ready, too, but please, leave your horse at home!

5) Stay Warm!

Maybe you just want to be warm this Halloween. We get it! Here are a few Grassroots hoodies that can be dressed up or down, with a Halloween mask, face paint, and any hat or accessory. Get an extra 20% off these hoodies with promo code SAVE20! Stuck at home on trick-or-treat duty? Stay comfy and cozy in the Royal Roots Robe or Pink Floyd Robe or the new Velours Sweat Sets!

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